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Following on from the problems with Fortnite‘s Marshmello skin last week, which saw the skin disabled after reports of glitching issues, Epic has now released the new Fortnite Marshmello loading screen. This loading screen was not made available during the Fortnite x Marshmello event last month, which saw new cosmetic items inspired by the eponymous trap DJ, including an expensive skin, glider, and emote. Read on to find out how to unlock the Marshmello loading screen in Fortnite.

The new Fortnite Marshmello loading screen was released as an apology from Epic to owners of the Marshmello skin, who have been unable to equip the skin since mid-February. As such, the Marshmello loading screen has been given for free to any players that had previously bought the Marshmello skin, and should be ready to equip in their purchased cosmetics. However, the loading screen is not yet available to purchase for other players in the store. Epic has made this item exclusive to previous owners of the Marshmello skin, at least for now, so you can’t unlock the loading screen unless you’re one of these owners.

While the Fortnite x Marshmello event has since concluded, after a record-breaking concert that gathered more than 10 million concurrent players in the game, these items could become available again at a later date. This means you could still have a chance to collect the Marshmello loading screen, but until then, you can explore the battle royale’s latest pirate-themed invent. This includes the new banana skin outfit that peels itself open the longer you survive, along with a variety of other new features and cosmetic items. If slowly-ripening bananas aren’t your style, you might want to investigate the upcoming exclusive skins set to release in Fortnite, most notably with the more stylish Galaxy Ikonik skin.

Due to the issues last week with the Marshmello Outfit,

we’re granting you a special loading screen from the

event. Thanks for your patience!

Epic Games

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