Fortnite X Jordan crossover coming soon! – Full info

Fortnite will be getting another huge crossover event in the near future. The event will center around the legendary basketball star, Micheal Jordan and his Nike brand ‘Air Jordan’.

The EndGame crossover event has kicked off a rapid fire sequence of other crossover event. John Wick’s event is just drawing to its close and already a new event has been teased and revealed.

Players will be getting a new basketball themed crossover event at some point in the future. The release time and date are up in the air at this time.

Fortnite X Jordan Teased & Leaked Info

The next crossover coming to Fortnite will be about the basketball star, Micheal Jordan. Epic Games teased the event subtly on Twitter on May 21st, 2019.

This didn’t give us much information until more information was given to us through the Fortnite News screen in-game.

An image with the ‘Air Jordan’ logo and ‘Fortnite’ was posted shortly after the initial teaser tweet. The image shows the iconic silhouette of the legendary Micheal Jordan and the Fortnite title text.

Fortnite X Jordan Teaser Image

The in-game ‘News’ panel has been updated in Fortnite with the following information about the event.

The above teaser image is included with the text ‘Game Recognize Game, Drop in tomorrow’. This means the crossover event will start on May 22nd, 2019. These events are coming in at fast intervals!

Fortnite News screen on May 21st

This will be the first event done in direct partnership with a sports apparel brand and a sports superstar. While Fortnite has done sports themed event before, they’ve all been associated with leagues like the NFL.

As Air Jordans are branded and produced in collaboration with Nike, the event’s creation and funding will be brought in part by Nike. The event could include a new LTM (Fortnite already has a basketball ‘toy’), skins, emotes, and more.

Epic Games could be working the NBA as well to bring players this event, but those details are not yet released.

On another note, if you haven’t purchased the John Wick skin, you must do so quickly. The item will leave the store in the next Item Shop cycle. That’s in 9 hours as of 10:50AM EST. There are also a few exclusive Emotes for purchase.

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