Fortnite Vending Machine Locations Season 8

The Fortnite vending machine locations for Season 8 can be tricky to find, as Epic Games has hidden them pretty damn brilliantly. It’s well worth knowing where the vending machines are located, as they allow players to trade in materials for weapons, which can give a big advantage if you find the right machine. Here’s where you need to look to find a Fortnite vending machine.

Fortnite vending machine locations are always the same, however they aren’t guaranteed to spawn in that round. They act very similarly to treasure chests, which sometimes appear in their usual spot, but at other times they’ve vanished.

As you can see, there’s a lot of potential Fortnite vending machine spawns. However, with 100 players populating a round, there’s a high chance of encountering hostiles near to the machines. This is especially true close to the item’s launch, where many curious players will be hunting down vending machines just to get a look at them. Give it a few weeks and the hype will probably die down.

When you’ve tracked down a Fortnite vending machine, you’ll be able to trade some of your materials for a weapon. There are three different weapon choices per machine, one for each type of material. The rarity of the received item is shown on the vending machine’s screen. That rarity dictates the price, with the rarer items demanding more mats.

The Fortnite vending machine is the latest item added to Battle Royale. I wouldn’t call it “meta-changing,” but it’s certainly nice to have another use for all of those excess materials, which often end up getting wasted. It also means we’ll see more players mining for resources later into the game, which means being loud and drawing attention.

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