Fortnite V9.00 Map Changes, Neo Tilted, Mega Mall & More

Fortnite Season 9 is finally upon us and as usual, the season’s new theme has brought some major map changes with it – including the revival of two fan favorites.

Previous seasons of Fortnite Battle Royale have introduced sweeping changes to the map, including the snow biome that remains to the south-west and the desert area that is still standing to the south-east.

Yet, Fortnite Season 9 has refreshed the map in a different way. Tilted Towers and Retail Row, which were ravaged in the ‘unvaulting’ event that happened on May 4, have been re-introduced as Neo Tilted and Mega Mall – with Tilted now having a new way to get around the map inside too.

Neo Tilted Towers is the futuristic version of the classic point of interest.

Unlike Season 8, there are no ‘new’ additional locations like we saw with Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps – even though Retail Row and Tilted Towers have been reimagined. Both Neo Tilted and Mega Mall have taken the places of their predecessors, not moving an inch on the map.

The Season 9 patch notes state that the locations “emerged from the destruction of the Volcano,” and because of the Volcano blowing its top, it has also been changed to ‘Pressure Plant’ with the funnel being completely wiped off the map. 

The full overview of the new Battle Royale map.

Neo Tilted

Neo Tilted towers has taken up all the land of the original Tilted Towers as Epic Games have dragged it kicking and screaming into the future.

There are a ton of new ‘slipstreams’ around the area too – these are the new method of transportation around the map now, similar to how the Geysers were introduced with Season 8.

Mega Mall

The land that remained at Retail Row following the Volcano destruction has been scooped up and turned into a Mega Mall – complete with a brand new Pizza Pit location too. 

The parking lot shootouts may still remain despite the change, but the area you once knew like that back of your hand is long gone. 

The Mega Mall is here.

Pressure Plant

The inside of the Volcano has been renamed as ‘Pressure Plant’ as has a somewhat similar look to Dusty Divot – with the pop-up lab tents and temporary stairs. 

There could well be some more changes along the way for the Volcano, and considering it looks way different to its original look, it might not be too long before it’s wiped off the map completely. 

The first look at the new ‘Pressure Plant.’

Will there be more changes?

Despite the brand new, futuristic theme, Tilted and Retail are the only areas to get a brand new update, so it might not be out of the realm of possibility that other areas get a similar change too.

It remains to be seen if Epic has any plans for an in-season map update, or if these three map changes are the only ‘new’ points of interest that we will get to play at this season. 

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