Fortnite v8.40 update release time announced by Epic Games

The blistering pace of Fortnite updates continues as Epic Games has announced the release time for the v8.40 update.

Fortnite updates literally come in faster than we can process the last one. Just last week, Epic Games rocked the Fortnite game world with the release of Reboot Vans and respawns. And right before that, the explosive new Boom Bow began demolishing our builds.

And now…v8.40’s release time has been already announced by Epic Games. This is fast even for the pace Epic Games sets for their content output.

v8.40 update release time announced

Epic Games got on their official Twitter to announce that the next patch for Fortnite is already on its way.

The v8.40 update for Fortnite will arrive on April 17th, earlier in the Wednesday morning air. Downtime begins at the usual time of 5AM EST/2AM PST.

The tweet’s only hint about the contents of the patch was “Hit Your Mark.”

We’ve got to be completely honest, we have absolutely no clue what that is supposed to mean. Maybe something to do with the recently released Boom Bow? A new LTM or location? We’ll just have to wait and see.

What can we expect from v8.40?

As we stated above, we don’t have too much information to go on for speculation.

There’s a possibility that the update could open the Treasure Chamber that has been teased through the digsites.

It would be a significant addition to the game world as the size has been suggested to be around the size of the mountains near Paradise Palms.

Additionally, there’s a chance of new weapons and other locations. We suspect that a few weapons could be getting heading to the Vault due to their minimal usage ie. Thermal Rifle and Scoped Revolver.

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