Fortnite v8.30 update release time announced by Epic Games

A new patch is headed to Fortnite on April 10 at 5 AM EST with update v8.30.

Fortnite regularly recieves an update each week which can potentially introduce new weapons, biomes, locations, and more.

April 2’s v8.20 patch was highly controversial as Epic removed the siphon functionality and added the new Boom Bow weapon.

Players just began to get used to the new siphon functionality which would reward players with health and materials once they eliminate an enemy.

With update v8.30, players are hoping Epic will re-implement the siphon function along with allowing competitive players to play on stretched resolution, as it was just announced that all competitions will be played on native resolution.

Epic announced on April 9 that the v8.30 update will arrive on April 10, with downtime beginning around 5 AM EST/ 2 AM PST.

There was no downtime for v8.20, so this leads us to believe that some major changes will be heading to Fortnite.

Epic also released the file sizes for the patch prior to release. Here’s their tweet regarding the matter:

Fortnite’s tweet hints at something relating to batteries, so maybe there will be a new electrical weapon like the original Zapotron?

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