Fortnite Tactical Assault Rifle stats leak – Damage, rate of fire, and more

Every weapon in Fortnite has a specific set of stats which dictates its performance. The upcoming ‘Tactical Assault Rifle’ has had its stats leaked via the v9.00 game files.

The underlying stats of each weapon in Fortnite are what makes the weapon ‘feel’ the way it does. Fire rate increases damage per second and compounds recoil. Reload times determine our ability to spray before we’re forced to put in another magazine.

Leaks recently revealed the existence of a new ‘Tactical Assault Rifle’ which may be coming to Fortnite at some point. The stats for the weapon have now been revealed and we can glean some info from these numbers.

Tactical Assault Rifle Stats

According to recent leaks, a new assault rifle will be arriving in Fortnite Battle Royale at some point in the future. The addition will more than likely come as part of a ‘Content Update.’

A credible Fortnite leaker, @lucas7yoshi_, has released information about the Tactical Assault Rifle’s stats. While these aren’t as good as gameplay, they can help us understand the meta change this weapon will bring.

Let’s compare the new Tac Rifle to the typical Assault Rifle. This will give you a picture of what to expect with this beast’s release.

Statistical Breakdown – DPS, Structure Damage, etc.

The clip size of the Tac Rifle is the same as a normal Assault Rifle at 30 bullets per mag.

Assault Rifle reload times for Blue/Epic/Legendary is currently 2.2/2.1/2.1. This gives the Tac Rifle a small advantage in reload times, but still gets beat by the SMGs.

Looking at the damage stats, the weapon is probably meant to be a close range weapon. Falloff puts the minimum damage to a paltry 14.85 (15 in-game). Maximum damage sits at 22/23/24 as opposed to the regular Assault Rifle’s 33/35/36.

Fire Rate sits at a solid 7.0. For context, the Assault Rifle has a fire rate of 5.5 and the Suppressed SMG has a fire rate of 9.0. With this fire rate, the maximum damage per second is 154/161/168. The minimum DPS is 104/109/113.

The last stat we can take a look at right now is Structural Damage. The Tac Rifle will do 25 per shot as opposed to the regular AR’s 33/35/36. This means it will do 175 damage-per-second to builds, the AR does 192.5 DPS to builds.

These values may be changed before launch as Epic’s team will do testing for balancing purposes.

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