Fortnite Season 8 Chest Locations Map

Our Fortnite: Battle Royale Chest Location Map contains a loot map for the entire playable area of the game.

Starting off your match the right way means gearing up and getting ready for battle as quickly as possible. You can nab weapons, ammo and meds from the ground of course, but the best loot is locked away in golden chests that are scattered across the map. They’re a bit harder to locate though, and you’ll usually find them tucked away behind walls, unsuspecting trucks or dingy basements.

These chests aren’t randomized either, which means that the very best players have learned to memorize their locations so they can snatch away the powerful loot time and time again. You can do the same, of course, although you better be ready for a tough fight if you intend to go toe to toe with the rest of the pack. Seasoned players will find the risk more than compensated for, however.

The map will help indicate both the most fruitful and chest barren places across the map in Season 8, which should help you out when your teammates are debating where to land.

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