Fortnite Releases the First Round of Duo Teams for the Summer Block Party

Fortnite has released the first few duo teammates for the Pro-Am during the Summer Block Party this June.

Last week, Fortnite announced their Summer Block Party, which looks to be a similar event as last year’s outdoor tournament. The Pro-Am is back and features celebrity players like Dillon Francis, Justin Jones, and Jordan Fisher.

Today, we got the first taste of the upcoming lineup of duo partners for the Pro-Am. These are:

  • Cloackzy and Dillon Francis
  • Pokimane and Martin Doherty
  • Valkyrae and Justin Jones
  • Dr. Lupo and Jordan Fisher

The Pro-Am takes place on Sunday, June 16. The day before, on the 15th, pro players, streamers, and celebrities will compete in the first-ever Creative tournament, which should be a sneak preview of what we can expect from the Creative World Cup finals.

Judging this first round of duo partners, it looks like Dr. Lupo and Jordan Fisher have a clear advantage. The other celebrities play Fortnite, sure, but Jordan Fisher streams all the time and routinely plays with the biggest names on Twitch. Dr. Lupo might not be on Cloackzy’s level, but it looks like this team is the strongest of the bunch.

Tickets for the Summer Block Party haven’t gone on sale yet, and preregistration has ended. We’ll update you when tickets officially go on sale for the event.

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