Rainbows have started appearing ahead of St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day arrives tomorrow, and Fortnite isn’t going to let it go uncelebrated. It may not be a super major holiday so the game isn’t pulling out all the stops, it seems, but they have announced the coming to St. Patrick’s-themed Fortnite stuff in the game with a rainbow that is now appearing over the map.

Fortnite Item Shop – Sunday, March 17th, 2019

The rainbow can be seen from everywhere and stretches from one part of the map to the other. And before you ask, no, there is nothing at either end of the rainbow because….you can never reach the end of the rainbow. The more you travel toward one end, the more the rainbow spins around based on wherever you are on the map, like the Mona Lisa’s eyes following you. This is generally how real rainbows work, but I was sad to see there were no pots of gold anywhere in this buried treasure season.

So, what is Fornite doing for St. Patrick’s Day besides giving the map some pride? There’s going to be a St. Patrick’s LTM where only green items drop unless you follow a treasure map which will get you gold items. I assume that means treasure maps will be spawning more often, which should be good for completing a challenge next week that asks you to unearth two piles of buried treasure using those maps.

Elsewhere, there are going to be new St. Patrick’s Day skins in the game, and one old one too. Sgt. Clover appears to be returning to the store, according to leaks, currently one of the more rare skins in the game considering we haven’t seen it for an entire year, but it’s about to be a lot more common. There is also a green version of the motorcycle Mauler skin, because Epic really, really loves that specific skin for some reason and keeps doing new variants of it.

Supposedly there are other skins that are encrypted so leakers can’t get to them, and we might see those when the store changes over later on tonight. Besides that, I don’t think there are going to be any special challenges or free rewards associated with St. Patrick’s stuff, but I could be wrong, and we’ll have to wait and see until the LTM pops up to know for sure.

For now, head into the game and observe the pretty rainbow for yourself, and if you figure out a way to actually reach one of the ends please let me know, because that’s ten minutes of my life I’m never going to get back. See you out there for the LTM, and check back here when the store goes live for what skins have appeared.

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