Fortnite Planes Will Be Vaulted in Season 8

Even though season eight is coming soon with tons of changes, not all of them are happy. Epic Games has revealed that the Fortnite planes will be put in the Vault with the release of season eight. This is rather surprising as most vehicles in Battle Royale stick around past the season that they are introduced in but this isn’t the case for the Stormwing planes.

The news of the removal of the Fortnite planes came out during the Reddit Ask Me Anything thread with the developers today. At one point in the thread, a Reddit user asked if planes will be gone in the next season. Epic Games Design Lead responded to the question and let the user know that they are removing the Stormwing vehicle in season eight.

Fortnite Planes Will Be Vaulted in Season 8

This is worse still since season eight releases next week so the time to keep using it is small. Season eight will likely begin on Thursday, February 28, 2019. Players have until around then to keep using the Fortnite planes. This is unfortunate news since other vehicles like the golf cart are still around the game.

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It is possible that the Fortnite planes are something that is just meant for season seven. Or, perhaps, there will be a new vehicle coming to the game that will take the place of the Stormwing planes. We now have the drift board but that will likely only stick around for a short period of time.

Here’s hoping that players will get a new vehicle to replace the Fortnite planes like perhaps the return of the jetpack. We won’t have to wait too long to see as season eight kicks off next week. For more happier news regarding Fortnite, be sure to check out the latest patch notes and the Sword Fight LTM.

Other Changes Confirmed in Season 8

In a Reddit AMA, some employees answered questions relating to upcoming features.

  • They are “adding an option to disable motion blur (off by default) in Season 8.”
  • They are “tweaking the way shadows are rendered to both brighten them and also make characters stand out better. This is going to be an ongoing effort starting with v8.0 and we will evaluate other options if this doesn’t end up working.”
  • Improved Weapon firing sounds
  • All player weapon fire sounds are now 2D stereo, giving them a much fuller and natural sound.
  • All 3rd person weapon sounds from other players are now mono and run through the new reverb, which gives much better point spatialization while still sounding ‘in the world’.
  • There is now a global reverb available.
  • We are setting it up as an ‘opt-in’ feature, so we will be adding the reverb to categories of sounds as we go.
  • Currently, weapon related sounds are set up with reverb. In the future, we will be able to have different reverb settings for different areas of the map.
  • New sounds have been added for going into and out of ADS on each weapon, as well as sounds for going in and out of crouch. This gives a better sense of player ownership of actions.
  • Improvements to upstairs / downstairs footsteps for better tactical awareness.
  • Improved hit notification audio
  • Improvements to sound and mix of 2D hit notifications when players land shots on enemies. This includes a new clearer “shield break” sound.
  • Cleaned up the “weak-point” harvesting crit sound
  • We increased the dynamic range and shortened the length of this sound; it is still clear but much less fatiguing.
  • Fixed an issue preventing footsteps from being heard in some situations.
  • Even more improvements coming later in Season 8!

So What Will The Theme Be For Season 8?

Rumours point to a much warmer climate for matches of the Battle Royale game to take place in this time around. Firstly, players spotted a number of giant eggs that had appeared in the basement of Polar Peak. Those that were able to manipulate the game to get a closer look found that they looked to be the eggs of fire-breathing dragons.

Those eggs are now no longer there, and their apparent removal seems to have coincided with a number of earthquakes rocking the Fortnite island. Season 7’s Snowfall challenge – which tasked players with completing all Challenges from any given week, or completing all 60 Challenges from across the season to unlock an exclusive skin – rewarded players with a new skin called The Prisoner.

The Prisoner has further unlockable styles which allow players to appear as if they are wrapped in a shield made of pure fire. That could very well be this season’s answer to Season 7’s ‘Ice King’.

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