Fortnite leak suggests another new Respawn Van mechanic

There are a lot of clues pointing to Fortnite eventually adding Respawn Vans and our latest piece of evidence seems to indicate they are very close to arrival.

Pretty much since Apex Legends launched, fans have been reporting they have seen what can best be described as Respawn Vans popping up in Fortnite.

There has been no official comment from Epic Games as to what these vans are but it certainly seems like Fortnite is on the verge of adding a respawn mechanic of some sort to the game.

It started with players seeing just the vans in various places around the map and then some players reported having a prompt that allowed them to use a ‘Reboot Card’ which would then result in reviving your teammate, or one would imagine that’s what it does.

Now we have new leaks suggesting the van will potentially require a donation of materials or ammo before it can be used. Keep in mind these are just leaks for the time being so take them with a grain of salt.

This new leak is courtesy of Lucas7yoshi who has a good track record with leaks as it pertains to Fortnite. He has suggested the van might require players to put in resources in order to revive a teammate.

It looks like you’ll need to throw in things like weapons, ammo or building supplies, which leads us to wonder what the ‘Reboot Card’ was all about.

According to the leak here’s what you’ll have to sacrifice:

  • 100 mats
  • 75 Medium Ammo 
  • Common Assault Rifle

It’s likely that you’d be able to use different things once it actually goes live but that’s just what the leak is saying for now. We’ll know for certain if and when Epic Games ever decides to make these vans go live in Fortnite.

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