Fortnite is adding ‘Air Royale’ challenges

During the massive dump of new leaks with each expansion, it can be tough to identify what does and doesn’t matter. Some parts of the game files show things like brand new items and locations we haven’t seen before, but most of the files are just text strings that merely hint at things to come.

One of the more interesting text strings from Fortnite’s v8.30 update referenced something called an ‘Air Royale Challenge.’ The text string was posted by, a trustworthy site that has been leaking Fortnite content for a while.

Now we turn to speculation. In this most recent update, we also learned that planes will be coming back to Fortnite at some point in the future.

That seems to tie into the Air Royale challenges. Maybe Epic is introducing a new LTM that is basically a dogfight called the ‘Air Royale?’

We also learned today that Thanos is making a come back in a future LTM. There could be an event where Thanos is like King Kong and players in biplanes have to take him down from wherever he is.

Also in that tweet, we have a reference to Excalibur, the sword that King Arthur pulled from the stone in the old legend. It also shares similarities with the Infinity Blade. Personally, I’m hoping for everything at once.

Not in the main game obviously but I want to see what happens when Thanos goes up against the Infinity Blade with planes flying all around. If Epic isn’t going to clean up the game, they might as well go scorched-earth and create chaos.

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