Fortnite iOS patch v8.11.1 released by Epic Games

A Fortnite patch came to iOS March 22 that fixed some of the stability issues plaguing the platform.When people think of Fortnite chances are they think of the console or PC versions first but there’s actually a pretty large mobile player base. 

Both iOS and Android devices now have the ability to reach 60 FPS but there are still numerous issues plaguing the platform. Epic Games pushed out an iOS patch on March 22 to fix some of the stability issues on the platform but warned it wouldn’t be fixing them all this go around.

What it does do is give Epic Games a new way to gather information when crashes occur in an effort to resolve the problems are quick as possible. 

Fortnite on iOS just received an update.

This iOS patch targeted stability issues in Fortnite

Here’s what Epic Games wrote on Reddit about the patch.

Hey Folks,

We’ve just released patch v.8.11.1 on iOS, intended to help with some of the stability issues that players have been experiencing. While this patch will not fix all the current stability issues that players are experiencing, we have included a new way for us to gather more information when crashes occur, in order to resolve these issues as quickly as we can.
Thanks for your feedback, we’re working on it!

Epic Games

It looks like Epic Games has decided to prioritize iOS devices with this patch as it’s possible the problems are more prevalent on iOS rather than Android. 

With each patch Fortnite receives it irons out some bugs so we should be able to expect more fixes in a future update.

Early on Season 8, there was a bit of controversy as mobile and Nintendo Switch lobbies were merged together.

Stability fixes are here for iOS.

Mobile players are upset they are matched against Switch players now

On one hand, the Switch can’t reach 60 FPS so mobile has the advantage there but Switch users have the ability to use the Pro Controller. If mobile players plug in a controller and use it then it will pair them up with other controller lobbies like Xbox One and PS4.

The change probably helped Switch users get more Victory Royales but made it more difficult for mobile users.

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