Fortnite: How to counter The Baller vehicle with simple trick

‘The Baller’ in Fortnite can be tricky to battle against, but one clever player has shared their easy trick to counter opponents who are using the new vehicle.


‘The Baller’ vehicle was added to Fortnite Season 8, specifically in the 8.10 update, on March 12. It is operated with a quickly rechargeable boost feature, similar to the ‘Quadcrashers’ or ‘Hoverboards’ that are already featured in Epic Games’ third person battle royale.

Since their introduction, users have been experimenting with the grappling hook attached to the vehicle, even going so far as to find a hilarious glitch that launches players across the map.

The Baller Vehicle has added a new dynamic to battles in Fortnite.

However, some players have taken issue with the fact that the Ballers provide considerable protection to the player inside it, as they are encased in a glass ball that has 300 health points.

Now, though, Reddit user ‘LBCJustin’ has demonstrated a simple and incredibly useful method to counter users who are protected inside the Ballers.

In a late game stage, the player encounters two enemies using the Baller. They are both pushed, and quickly have a ‘one by one’ box built around them. The user then places numerous traps quickly inside the box, which deal 150 damage each, hence quickly piercing the defenses provided by The Ballers, and eliminate the players inside.

LBCJustin is clearly confident of this tactic, throwing up a ‘dab’ emote before hand. Also, judging by the success with which he executes this strategy, he has every right to be.

Of course, it will require you to have more than one trap available, as using only one trap may not deal enough damage to destroy the vehicle and finish off the opponent.

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