Fortnite Golden Balloon Grid Locations and Map

Golden balloons have appeared across the Fortnite map and you need to pop at least ten of them for the Week 9 challenge. Pop them by shooting at them or, better yet, hitting them with your pickaxe to avoid any noise. We have a list of all ten locations here, along with a handy map.

Fortnite Golden Balloon Locations

  • Grid reference I2 on the roof of the brick house
  • Grid reference B2 on the roof of the mausoleum
  • Grid reference J5 on the tower at Lonely Lodge
  • Grid reference I6 on the bear statue south of Retail Row
  • Grid reference G4 in the area outside Tomato Temple
  • Grid reference H5 attached to an electricity pylon
  • Grid reference F6 on one of the structures in the middle of Dusty Divot
  • Grid reference E4 on an abandoned boat in Loot Lake
  • Grid reference D2 in the “O” of the destroyed motel sign
  • Grid reference J3 next to the truck hanging off the edge of the cliff

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