‘Fortnite’ Fortbyte #69 Location: Found Inside A Stone Pig Building

Today’s Fortbyte is the last from the v9.10 patch. It’s also bound to be one that players joke about given that it’s #69. You can find today’s Fortbyte inside a stone pig building, which is a pretty big giveaway.

Stone Pig Building located in Lucky Landing.

Nevertheless, I’m here to point you in the right direction just in case you don’t know where Fortnite’s giant stone pig building is located. You can find it near Lucky Landing, on a hill by the coast:

Fortbyte #69 Location

Build up or land on top of the giant stone pig and either edit or break your way inside where you’ll find Fortbyte #69. It requires no special emote, spray or skin to access.

Fortbyte #69 location found within the Stone Pig Building.

Once you’ve done so, you’ll unlock more of the Fortbyte puzzle image. Here’s what that image looked like a few days ago, thanks to Twitter user @setosorcerer:

This appears to be Bunker Jonesy, climbing a concrete surface with his hands and feet covered in pink paint. You can see the monster’s eye in the bottom left corner, almost certainly the same eye we see ominously staring out of the base of Polar Peak.

What it all means has yet to be seen. Perhaps all of this future stuff is just a dream, or perhaps Bunker Jonesy has lost his marbles and this is image represents his attempt to climb out of madness. What other clues the picture hold remain hidden behind more Fortbytes, so stay tuned for our daily guides here at FortniteCrypt.

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