Fortnite Fortbyte #55 Map And Location: Where To Find ‘Found In Haunted Hills’

I think we’re starting to see our pattern emerge with these Fortbytes. We’ve had a search between, a “use an object”, and now we’ve got one of the most impressively vague descriptions that we’ve had in any challenge so far: “found within blank”. Last week we had “foud withing Fatal Fields”, and now this morning we’re working with “Found within Haunted Hills”, sending us to the far northwest to a rarely-visited corner of theFortnite island.

You can view all the Fortbyte Challenges and how to obtain them here.

Haunted Hills is one of the game’s older locations, but it looks like it’s got at least one more secret to give us before it inevitably goes the way of Moisty Mire. Read on for a map, guide and location for where to find Fortbyte TL: “Found Within Haunted Hills”.

To start with, we’ll want to go to Haunted Hills, naturally. The bus doesn’t cross over it all that often, but that’s not such a bad thing: you’re unlikely to encounter a huge amount of resistance form people just looking to play the game. Regardless, your best orienting point is going to be the large church in the middle: you’re not going there, but you are going just north of it. Here it is on the map:

You’re looking for a building that’s just a little bit bigger than the other crypts scattered around the area. It has a peaked roof and a way into the basement: here’s the building you want to find:

Just go in there and make sure to go the second, main floor. The Fortbyte is in a corner away from the entrance. My screenshot with the actual byte in it is messed up, but here’s Jonesy standing exactly where it is:

Grab that and you’ll be well on your way to finishing up that big decrypted image. So far, I’m loving these challenges: at the beginning, I was worried that there were going to be way more of the “play the game” sort of challenges, but all of these so far have been hidden object hunts after the first day, which is a good way to vary up the Fortnite experience. Stay tuned for more.

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