Fortnite Fortbyte #24 Location – Found in Fatal Fields

Fortbytes were introduced to Fortnite alongside the Season 9 battle Pass on Thursday. These collectibles, while often found in-game, can also be earned by completing a certain number of Weekly Challenges, analyzing specific Loading Screens or passing specific XP thresholds. A new Fortbyte Challenge releases daily, and each byte reveals a small portion of a Loading Screen that will be fully revealed when Season 9 ends. You can read more about Fortbytes and see other Fortbyte locations in our guide.

Fortnite has a new Fortbyte Challenge to complete, and we’re here to tell you where it’s located. Here’s how you can find the Fortbyte in Fatal Fields. As marked on the map below, you want to head to the main house in Fatal Fields.

You’ll find the Fortbyte situated between two desks in a room on the second floor. Because this chip doesn’t require a specific Battle Pass skin, those without the pass should be able to collect it.

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