Fortnite Downtown Drop: All O-N-F-I-R-E letter locations in Downtown Drop

Looking for all Fortnite O-N-F-I-R-E letters in the new Downtown Drop LTM? Manage to collect all of them and you’ll unlock a shiny new decal for your skateboard back bling, but finding all six with the sliding mechanics of the LTM – not to mention all the Boogie Bombs throwing you off course – will take you quite a few attempts.

To save you some time, we’ve hopped into a few matches to route out each of the hidden letters so you can complete the whole challenge in one or two runs. One neat thing to take note of: spawn locations aren’t tied to specific O-N-F-I-R-E letters, so you don’t have to follow an exact route to complete the challenge. For example, we missed a couple of letters on our first run, but were able to collect them in different spots later on.

This is the first of a fair few Fortnite Downtown Drop challenges, so hit that link to get an idea of the future challenges and their rewards – for instance, where to find the Fortnite Jonesy sewer location. But, let’s stay on task, here’s where can you find all of the Fortnite O-N-F-I-R-E letter locations.

Fortnite: all O-N-F-I-R-E letter locations in Downtown Drop

So, as a reminder, each of the six Fortnite O-N-F-I-R-E letter locations can be approached in any order – the letter ‘F’ is not in any fixed spot, it’ll just be the one you find first. Take a look at the gallery below to get a better idea of where we found each one.

Fortnite Downtown Drop Letter F Location.
Fortnite Downtown Drop Letter I Location.
Fortnite Downtown Drop Letter N Location.
Fortnite Downtown Drop Letter R Location.
Fortnite Downtown Drop Letter O Location.
Fortnite Downtown Drop Letter E Location.

The Fortnite O-N-F-I-R-E letter locations are:

  • Bottom of first hill on left past basketball court
  • In the corner between the two food trucks by a yellow bin
  • Down through tunnel on right-hand side, inside small room
  • Next to a big grey truck and broken water pipe
  • Next to a wonky slab hung by a red and green truck
  • In a corner behind a red car

When you’ve found all six letters they’ll appear in front of you to spell out the full word, one that perfectly sums up your successful letter-grabbing performance. What’s more, you’ll get the Cuddle decal for your Back Board back bling, too. Lucky you.

And there you are, that’s where to find all the Fortnite ONFIRE letters. There are more Michael Jordan-themed quests to tackle, though, so here’s how to collect a basketball, coin, and shoe in a single match in Fortnite. In the meantime we hope you’ve enjoyed going for this challenge and the worthy refresher on your spelling.

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