Fortnite Discovery Challenge Week 1: Where To Find The Hidden Battle Star

Fortnite season 8 has arrived with a zillion new challenges to complete to rank up your battle pass, but also to march toward yet another mystery skin unlock. Last time, we unlocked the Fire King/Prisoner, and he made an entire freaking volcano on the map as of today, so whatever this skin ends up being is clearly going to be pretty important in the “plotline” of Fortnite. And like the Fire King, it may have its own unlockable stage challenges as well for the most dedicate of players.

But that’s a long ways away, and first, we have to start with week 1. There are seven challenges for you to complete, and when you do, you will unlock the above piece of wallpaper that shows Blackheart sailing into town to hunt for some treasure.

He also shows you where the hidden battle star is if you zoom in a little bit more. It will be there once you complete all seven challenges for the week.

The location you’re looking for is a new one, Lazy Lagoon, which is in the north of the map in a new water area that was not there before and has replaced Lazy Links, the former golf course. There’s no time for gold where there’s treasure to be found, I suppose. Here’s what the whole map looks like now for reference:

You are looking for a specific spot in the little village next to the pirate ship, which can be found on the map here:

The battle star is on top of the tower in the middle of the area, and you will either have to build up to it or land on it directly in order to get it. No little patch of earth for the battle star to spring out of this time, and you may have some competition given how many people are going to be checking out the new named areas.

After that, you will be well on your way to ascending up the ranks of your battle pass, and one week closer to unlocking the Discovery skin. I believe that Epic has changed the skin so you can’t tell what it is just from the silhouette anymore, as it’s just a generic “person-shape” to avoid speculation. No one saw the Fire King coming, so I expect this one will end up being a surprise too.

Lots to do and to check out as season 8 arrives here and this is uh, already my fourth article about it this morning and I think I may need to go back to bed. See you out there (later on, perhaps).

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