‘Fortnite’ Desert, Snowy & Grassland Racetrack Location Week 5 Guide

Fortnite Season 9 continues with a new batch of challenges for Week 5. One of the toughest tasks asks players to complete a lap on a Desert Racetrack, Snowy Racetrack and Grassland Racetrack. In this guide, we’ll tell you where all three tracks are located.

Here are the locations for all three racetracks in ‘Fortnite’s Week 5 Challenge.

All the track’s basically function the exact same way. Approach the starting line, ensuring that you’re facing the correct direction of the score panel, and the numbers on it will eventually turn green. Once the timer starts, go through the rings with any vehicle till you come back around on the opposite side. Timing is irrelevant for this challenge, so just get to the finish line at your leisure.

Complete a lap of a Desert Racetrack

The Desert Racetrack is, of course, in Paradise Palms at coordinates J6 and J7.

This is what the Desert Racetrack looks like. Epic Games/Refine Media @ YouTube

Complete a lap of a Snowy Racetrack

This racetrack is in Happy Hamlet. It was featured during Week 5 of Season 8. Just use the Ballers to go around the track.

This is what the Snowy Racetrack looks like. Epic Games/Bodi40 @ YouTube

Complete a lap of a Grassland Racetrack

The Grassland Racetrack is east of Junk Junction and north of Pleasant Park at coordinates C1 and C2.

This is what the Grassland Racetrack looks like. Epic Games/Ghost Sizzleツ

That’s all you need to know to complete the Week 5 Racetrack Challenge in Fortnite.

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