Fortnite Counterattack Set Redemption Process

Congratulations on winning the Nvidia GeForce Fortnite Bundle Giveaway, below are the instructions for claiming your bundle. Please follow each step .

  1. To begin the process to redeem your award, go to: .
  2. Please sign in or register to access the redemption system.
  3. Paste your NVIDIA coupon code from your qualifying bundle you just won into the “ENTER YOUR PROMO CODE” box. Characters are case sensitive.
  4. Enter the validation text into the “ENTER THE TEXT” box and click “REDEEM”.
  5. Your Fortnite Counterattack EPIC code will be displayed and emailed to you.
  6. Copy the code from your web or email and click on the “Visit publisher website” link; sign in to your EPIC account.
  7. Enter Fortnite Counterattack EPIC code and click “REDEEM”
  8. Ensure details are correct and confirm by clicking “ACTIVATE”
  9. Success! You will be notified that the Fortnite Counterattack Set has been added to your account.
  10. Congratulations! Launch Fortnite to enjoy your new Fortnite Counterattack Set in game!