Fortnite client accidentally leaks upcoming Epic Games Store Megasale

An in-game message of the day appeared for a short period of time in Fortnite, announcing an upcoming Epic Games store mega-sale ahead of the intentional release date.

Epic Games took to the official Fortnite Twitter account to make users aware that the aforementioned sale is not-yet live at the time of writing. The announcement was not meant to go live, and an official date has not been provided.

Users who enable Two-Factor Authentication on their Epic Games account will receive $10 USD for free to spend on the Epic Games store once this promotion goes live. It’s unknown if any accompanying sales will be present during this event.

The message of the day read as follows:

Epic Games Store Mega Sale

The Epic Games store Megasale is happening right now! Sign up for 2FA in order to get $10 to spend in the store.

Included was a rather basic, arbitrary promotional image for the announcement, as seen below.

This one just one of many examples of Epic promoting security by offering its users benefits for doing so. In the past, users who enabled 2FA on their Epic accounts would receive the Fortnite Boogie Down emote for free.

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