Fortnite Battle Royale Special Edition Xbox One S bundle release date announced

Microsoft is teaming up with Epic Games to bring a special edition Xbox One S to consumers. The new Xbox One has a unique purple paint-job and comes with exclusive Fortnite cosmetic goodies.

In an effort to sell more Xbox Ones, Microsoft will be releasing a new special edition Fortnite Xbox One S.

Naturally, the hardware of the console is same on the inside, but it does come with some exclusive perks.

The new console will be available for purchase worldwide on June 7th, 2019. The price of the console is $299.99 in the US, according to the official Fortnite Xbox webpage. The console itself is Fortnite purple.

Xbox One S is the less powerful of the two Microsoft console offerings. The other, more advanced, console is the Xbox One X. This means it has a higher likelihood of dropping frames during gameplay and will display Fortnite at a lower resolution.

During sales and promotions, the Xbox One X can be obtained for $399.99, only $100 above this bundle’s price. Just something to think about if you are considering a Xbox purchase.

In addition to the console, the bundle will include 2000 V-Bucks, the Dark Vertex Cosmetic Set, and one month of Xbox Live Gold. This is Xbox equivalent of Playstation Plus.

The Dark Vertex Cosmetic Set includes:

  • The Dark Vertex Outfit – Legendary
  • Epic Glider
  • Rare Pickaxe

The controller included with the purchase also includes the same paintjob as the console. The Dark Vertex skin is a reskin of the Vertex skin. While the exclusive coloring is still nice, this makes the Dark Vertex more like a Style than a new Skin.


Presumably, the whole set of cosmetics are reskins of the orginal Vertex cosmetics.

We suspect that Microsoft and Epic would get more sales from such collaboration projects if the skins were truly exclusive. These reskins are below the standards of what we would expect from such a bundle.

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