Fortnite Battle Royale patch v9.20 downtime announced

The next patch for Fortnite is close at hand as Epic Games has officially released the v9.20 date and release time. Prepare to unleash the storm!

Fortnite constantly gets morphed and shifted by updates that Epic throws at it. The latest one is v9.20 and will hit Fortnite in the very near future.

Epic Games announced the official downtime for the patch via their social media platforms.

Fortnite v9.20 downtime announced

Patch v9.20 will be a main series patch with a significant amount data being moved around. This means that downtime will be required to apply the update to your game clients.

Epic released the official start time for the v9.20 downtime via Twitter on June 5th.

We don’t know much about v9.20 other than that the ‘Storm Flip’ item will be added to the game. The files for the new items have not been leaked. The only information about the item so far came in a news page update earlier in the week.

Another important note for the v9.20 patch was revealed by Epic along with the above announcement. All real money purchases (V-Bucks, Starter Packs, etc.) will unavailable for an hour.

Additional maintenance could mean pretty much anything from upcoming new real money purchase options to simple back-end fixes. We don’t have in-depth information at this time, but we’re sure the patch notes tomorrow will reveal more.

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