FaZe Clan officially responds to Tfue lawsuit

After tons of different responses from various members of FaZe Clan, we have finally received the official response from the organization.

If you aren’t caught up on the Tfue lawsuit at this point, check out our recap of the story including various quotes and reactions from around the esports / gaming industry.

According to FaZe Clan, the organization has not received even a single dollar from Tfue for prize winnings, Twitch revenue, YouTube revenue, or any other social platform.

That directly contradicts the report from Tfue’s lawyer that stated that Tfue only gets to keep 20% of his revenue from Twitch and YouTube.

Right now, this is simply a case of two sides being put out there, but no one can say for certain which one is accurate.

Unless FaZe or Tfue actually publishes the receipts, how much money FaZe has taken from Tfue will remain a matter of speculation.

This post does not mention many of Tfue’s other allegations. On the money side, they do not mention taking 80% of his public appearances and preventing him from making deals outside of the FaZe brand. Much of the initial article and lawsuit is focused on that claim, while the streaming revenue numbers are not a central focus.

There are also plenty of other important allegations that are not covered by this statement.

  • Tfue alleged that FaZe provided alcohol to minors at their houses
  • Tfue alleged that FaZe signed an 11-year-old Fortnite player (H1ghSky1) and pressured him and his family to lie about his age
  • Tfue alleged that they pressured him to move from his family house into a FaZe house
  • Tfue alleged that they pressured him to participate in illegal gambling

FaZe had plenty of time to address those concerns and chose not to with this statement.

Update 9:45 PM PT: FaZe Clan released a second press release after I left my computer for the day. Here’s their second tweet clarifying more of the original post but still not addressing all of the above allegations.

As with all of the other stories on this topic, these reports have not been independently confirmed by FC at this time.

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