FaZe Clan members react to Tfue lawsuit and Banks comments

The biggest story of today, and maybe of 2019 is Tfue allegedly suing FaZe Clan. In case you aren’t here are the key pieces. A Hollywood Reporter article was posted this morning saying that Tfue was suing FaZe Clan.

A bunch of esports community members responded to the allegations in various ways. One of the most notable was 100 Thieves owner Nadeshot.

FaZe Banks, one of the owners of FaZe Clan, took offense to the tweet and called Nadeshot a “piece of shit” among other language. That tweet has been deleted but a screenshot can be found in the link above.

This article is serving as a round-up of the many various takes on the situation from FaZe Clan members.

The most interesting response came from Tfue’s duo partner Cloakzy. The two have become one of the top duos in the world and won boatloads of money together. Banks talks about how he first connected the two of them in his video posted above and Cloakzy confirms that in this statement:

We’re going to start at the top. The key players in the building of FaZe Clan have been Banks, Temperr, Rain and Apex. We’ve already seen Banks tweets, here are the other three:

Those tweets were made at various points throughout the day, all three also retweeted the official FaZe clan response and the Banks video titled “Dear Tfue.”

Other people in the FaZe organization were also active in defending their organization:

Other players like Censor just retweeted the official response. Tennp0 just confirmed his support for Cloak with a quick response as well.

Very few people had absolutely nothing to say about the situation on Twitter. One of those was Funk, who is one of the few solo and duo Fortnite World Cup qualified players. He also doesn’t have a super active Twitter account, so that may be why there isn’t a comment.

Dubs and Megga, two more recent additions to FaZe Clan who qualified for the Fortnite World Cup, also didn’t comment.

I’m sure I missed some interesting thoughts from around the organization – FaZe Clan has a ton of people in it – but these are from the biggest names and biggest followings.

There are probably close to 20 million followers combined over all of those accounts, which is why this story has absolutely blown up over the last couple of days.

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