FaZe Banks admits Tfue’s deal was “horrible”, but calls him a “selfish asshole”

FaZe Clan co-owner Ricky ‘Banks’ Banks has sent an outburst of Twitter posts directed at his now-former player, Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, shortly after the streamer’s contract with the organization was supposedly leaked.

On May 23, following Tfue’s demands that the contract be released, TheBlast acquired what they claim to be the original contract, which largely supported Tfue’s accusations against FaZe Clan.

Banks had previously confirmed that FaZe themselves would release the contract, but were awaiting approval when the contract was leaked.

YouTuber Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem shared a private message from Tfue’s brother, Jack ‘Joogsquad’ Tenney, claiming that the Fortnite Battle Royale pro was aiming to launch his own esports organization, and this was why, at least partly, he was trying to leave FaZe.

Instead of allowing Tfue to leave, FaZe apparently made numerous offers to him with a better contract, but were rebuffed – presumably as the player was set on making his own org.

Banks saw this as a revelation which painted Tfue’s previous claim that his moves were intended to clean up the esports industry and protect ‘kids’ being exploited, as ostensible, hiding his ulterior motive.

Tfue has won numerous tournaments while representing FaZe Clan.

Banks admits Tfue’s initial contract was “horrible”

In a flurry of tweets, Banks admitted that the initial agreement presented to and signed by Tfue was “horrible”, but called him a “selfish asshole who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but himself.”

This shit is so see through. Listen obviously Turners initial contract was horrible. Nobody ever disagreed with that. But over the last year we have offered him so many new ones, solutions. 0% splits. Honest and MORE THAN FAIR ways to solve the issue.— FaZe Banks (@Banks) May 23, 2019

He then reaffirmed that FaZe Clan had every intention of making the contract publicly available, saying: “I have nothing to hide”, adding that had made the mistake of allowing “shit people” to run the business.

Banks said that he now plans on releasing “all the contracts we’ve since offered Tfue to try and make this right”, but which were refused by the player.

*deep breath* With all that being said, we had every intention on releasing the contract. I have nothing to hide and I’ve made the mistake of allowing shit people to run my business. We’ve solved those issues & are trying our best. The contract was trash. There’s no denying that.— FaZe Banks (@Banks) May 23, 2019

We will release all the contracts we’ve since offered Tfue to try and make this right. Stay tuned for that. Trust me, nobody on this planet wanted him to sign a new healthy contract more than I did. Cause then at least we’d still have Turner in FaZe. And we’d still be homies.— FaZe Banks (@Banks) May 23, 2019

In a final message to Tfue, Banks pleaded that they meet in person to resolve the dispute. He also claims he still “loves” Tenney, despite the ongoing controversy.

Tfue is yet to respond to either the leaked contract or Banks’ Twitter posts, but the legal battle to have his contract voided is believed to be ongoing.

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