Every weapon and item in the Fortnite Battle Royale Vault – Updated March 2019

Developers rarely add a new item or weapon to a game just to remove it a few months later. The developers of Fortnite, however, don’t tend to follow normal conventions.

Instead, Epic Games regularly remove items from their massively popular battle royale game, placing them into the Vault. 

The development team do this as a way to keep the game fresh and innovative, never allowing one style of play to dominate the game for too long.

While items that are vaulted are taken out of the hands of players, Epic Games have stated that any weapons or item removed from the game has a chance of returning to the game at any time.

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With that in mind, here is a look at every item that has been vaulted in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Zapotron – Vaulted: September 29, 2017

The Zapotron holds the unfortunate title of being the first weapon to ever be vaulted in Fortnite Battle Royale. A rifle that shot electric pulses, the weapon was part of the game on it’s release, but was removed just a few weeks later with Epic Games feeling that it didn’t fit in the game.

Submachine Gun – Vaulted: February 12, 2018

The Submachine Gun was never very powerful, but fans were still upset when the game’s first ever submachine gun was put out to pasture just two days before Valentine’s Day.

Smoke Grenade – Vaulted: April 11, 2018

The smoke grenade sounded like a good idea, but the item wasn’t particularly useful when it actual made it into the game. It became one of the least used items in the game, and Epic Games quietly removed it back in April.

Crossbow – Vaulted: May 1, 2018

The crossbow was another weapon that Fortnite fans were sorry to see go. Due to the fact that this weapon fired silently, the Crossbow was great for taking out enemies from distance without alerting anybody with a gunshot.

Tactical Submachine Gun – Vaulted: June 27, 2018

For a brief period, the tactical submachine gun was one of the most powerful weapons in the game, and regularly used to secure Victory Royales. Unfortunately, the introduction of the MP5 and Advanced SMG meant the end for this weapon.

Revolver – Vaulted: September 6, 2018

The Revolver was powerful, but the introduction of the Deagle and the power of SMGs saw the Revolver vaulted in September.

Drum Gun – Vaulted: September 11, 2018

The Drum Gun was only in the game for a few months, but it quickly became a staple in loadouts of players due to it’s incredible power and high ammo count. Used to take down enemies and structures, it’s likely that the power of this weapon is what sentenced it to the Vault.

Light Machine Gun – Vaulted: September 27, 2018

The heavy duty LMG was regularly used to mow down opposition structures, thanks to it’s massive magazine. Unfortunately it also found itself in the vault at the beginning of Season Six.

Bouncer – Vaulted: September 27, 2018

A decision that still infuriates Fortnite fans to this day, Epic Games removed the Bouncer item just a few months after it’s introduction to the game. Since then, players of the popular battle royale franchise have been crying out for it’s return.

Remote Explosives – Vaulted: September 27, 2018

On the other hand, Fortnite fans were ecstatic to see the back of the Remote Explosives, which people felt were always overpowered.

Guided Missile – Vaulted: November 1, 2018

After multiple attempts to try and balance this weapon, Epic decided to leave it in the Vault for good. What seemed like a great idea for a new weapon quickly turned into madness as players continually found ways to break things with the Guided Missile even after a complete rework was done. Given how many new items are being added to the game, it’s unlikely that we’ll see this one anytime soon. 

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle – Vaulted: November 1, 2018

Some players might have taken a liking to this sniper, but it essentially filled the same spot as the popular Hunting- Rifle, which led to many players simply passing on the item every time they came across it. 

Port-A-Fort – Vaulted: December 6, 2018

Another item that seemed good in theory but simply didn’t pan out in reality. There’s almost never a time when a player should hold onto one of these over better items like the Grappler or another weapon. 

Chiller – Vaulted: December 6, 2018

Chillers was another item that players almost widely agreed on being useless. While they tried their best to find practical uses for it, Chillers just couldn’t hold a place in the meta and were subsequently thrown into the Vault. 

Clinger – Vaulted: December 6, 2018

Much like C4, players might have used Clingers, but they never really liked doing so. The ease with which they were able to destroy structures was too good and actually led to some severe lag in tournament settings. 

Double Barrel Shotgun – Vaulted: December 6, 2018

Another weapon that a bit too strong for its own good. While Epic tried to balance the Double Barrel as best as it could, there was no way to maintain its place in the meta. Instead, Epic decided to throw it in the Vault while buffing the Pump Shotgun to try and fill that Double Barrel-shaped hole. 

Shockwave Grenades – Vaulted: December 6, 2018

Much like the Dual Pistols, Shockwaves were really only great for making funny plays on stream or trolling your teammates. Without a true practical application in game, they were sent to the Vault. 

Infinity Blade – Vaulted: December 14, 2018

Oh, Infinity Blade. There perhaps hasn’t been an item or weapon in Fortnite that was as poorly received as this one. Released with the first patch of Season 7, it was found immediately to be too strong despite a couple minor nerfs. After much backlash from the community, the Infinity Blade was Vaulted after just three days.

Six Shooter – Vaulted: January 8, 2019

The Six Shooter was the spiritual successor to the Revolver, but it didn’t last long. Introduced during the Fortnitemares event, it lasted only a few months before Epic placed into the vault, choosing to bring back the Dual Pistols in its place. 

Burst Assault Rifle – Vaulted: January 8, 2019

To the surprise of many, the Burst Rifles were vaulted despite being the preferred weapon of many players. It could be that Epic found that the Epic and Legendary variants were seeing more play, but it was still quite the shock to many players. 

Quad Launcher – Vaulted: January 22, 2019

While not as hated as the Guided Missile, many players weren’t a fan of this particular explosive and it’s not too surprising to see it get put into the Vault. 

Port-A-Fortress – Vaulted: January 22, 2019

Another Port-A-(insert structure here) has bitten the dust! In addition to the load that these items have been known to cause on the servers, they simply weren’t very useful for most players. While there’s surely someone out there who was sad to see it go, most won’t even notice that it;s gone. 

Unlike the next item on the list….

Grappler – Vaulted: January 22, 2019


Behind the Burst Rifle, this was probably one of the most surprising Vaults we’ve seen in the game’s history. While it’s true that FaZe’s Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney recently found a bug that made the item pretty powerful, there were many players who swore by the Grappler. 

It seems as though Epic is wants to cut down on some of the mobility options in the game and the Grappler was simply next in line. 

Bolt-action Sniper Rifle – Vaulted: January 29, 2019


The classic sniper rifle has been placed in the vault to the surprise of many fans. The popular weapon had been one of the most-used items in the game but Epic decided to take it away. 

Heavy Shotgun – Vaulted: January 29, 2019


The Heavy Shotgun was added back on March 22, 2018, adding variety to the close-quarters combat selection of weapons in the game. Since it’s addition, it had been through a number of changes – mainly nerfs – in a bid to make the weapon balanced.

However, Epic have made the move to vault the weapon, shrinking the pool of shotguns available to players in-game.

Submachine Gun – Vaulted: January 29, 2019

The classic SMG has been vaulted – in all its forms. It was added in the 5.0 content patch on July 17, 2018 and quickly became a staple of the Battle Royale game.

While not an extremely powerful weapon, it’s high loot rate, both from the floor and chests, and strength at close-range made it a popular choice with players looking to get up, close and personal with their foes. 

Burst Assault Rifle – Vaulted: January 29, 2019

The Burst Assualt Rifle has been removed from the game! The Famas-like weapon once had five variants in the game before it’s common, uncommon and rare versions were removed from the Battle Royale mode and consigned to the Playground and Creative Modes.

It’s ability to do damage at short-range will be missed by some fans who made it a regular part of their arsenal. 

Boombox – Vaulted: February 5, 2019

The Boombox was one of the most unpopular items ever added to Fortnite, so it came as no surprise when Epic Games finally pulled the plug on the musical item by placing it in the Vault during the V7.30 Content Update on Tuesday, February 5 2019. 

However, the introduction of Bottle Rockets means that players will still be able to take down enemy builds. 

Grenade – Vaulted: February 14, 2019

With many nerfs made to the game’s explosive weapons, Grenades were always a reliable tool to have if an opponent hid inside of a 1×1. However their limited use could be a reason why Epic Games decided to take them out.

Grenades are still in Playground and Creative modes, they were taken out of the battle royale in the 7.40 patch.

Sneaky Snowman – Vaulted: February 28, 2019

Didn’t look like the Sneaky Snowman would make it further than the winter season. The item let players camouflage themselves with the snowy terrain from Season 7.

Even though players appreciated a bug that let the item absorb fall damage the Snowman was vaulted with the 8.00 patch on February 28.

Chiller Grenade – Vaulted: February 28, 2019

The Chiller Grenade provided for lots of laughs and tons of highlights, but it got vaulted after Fortnite moved on to greener pastures. The grenade gave players the effect of a Chiller that covered their character’s feet in ice.

There were a lot of ways to troll opponents with the Chiller Grenade, but Epic Games pulled the plug on it before the start of Season 8.

X-4 Stormwing – Vaulted: February 28, 2019

Players were hyped to see a flying vehicle make its way into Fortnite. But the Storming was promptly vaulted after weeks of complaints for its many bugs, players using it to camp in the sky until the final circle, and various other headaches.

Although the plane was incredibly fun to use, it seems Epic Games thought the plane to interfered too much with the competitive aspect of the battle royale.

Shopping Cart – Vaulted: February 28, 2019

One of the most multifaceted vehicles to ever be in Fortnite was vaulted in the 8.00. The two-person cart had a really simple premise: one player in the basket, one player outside pushing. 

Although the Shopping Cart didn’t have brakes, players still appreciated it for the mayhem it provided before being vaulted in the 8.00 patch.

All Terrain Kart (ATK) – Vaulted: February 28, 2019

Even though it didn’t seem like much, the ATK was actually a valuable vehicle to find in Fortnite, since it could seat a whole squad. Rotations were made extremely simple with the ATK, letting four-man teams squeeze into the kart for optimal looting patterns.

Even though the vehicle had its uses in the game, the Kart was vaulted in the 8.00 patch.

Impulse Grenade – Unvaulted March 12, 2019

The Impulse Grenade was an easy way to bounce into enemy structures, or send friends flying off of high places. The introduction of the much more powerful Shockwave Grenade at the beginning of Season Six was the nail in the coffin of this popular item.

Though the item was vaulted on September 27, 2018 with the 6.00 patch, it was unvaulted in the 8.1 update.

Let us know if there are any items or weapons that we’ve missed!

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