Epic Games to sue organizers of rubbish Fortnite Live festival in Norwich

Adding legal injury to public insult, Epic Games are now suing Exciting Events, organizers of a disastrous Fortnite-themed festival in Norwich. The utterly naff-looking (but premium-priced) event made for some amusing headlines over the weekend, our article can be found here. Despite the Fortnite Live festival invoking the name and using character art from Epic’s battle royale shooter, it was unsurprisingly unofficial. In a statement to Eurogamer, Epic Games have announced they’re taking legal action and have “issued a claim against the organizers in the High Court of London”, which sounds serious.

The event itself was a glorious train-wreck with little in the way of Fortnite-themed anything, outside of some PCs running the game. There was a climbing wall, a bouncy castle and a “cave experience” which was apparently just a trailer with a dark tunnel running through it. Quite what climbing and caves have to do with the famously outdoorsy shooter is beyond me. I could have forgiven the bouncy castle if it was purple and they called it Kevin, but they didn’t even manage to get that part right.

The quality of our player experience is incredibly important to us, whether it’s inside the game or at official public events like last year’s Fortnite Pro-Am.

Epic Games

The whole event looked and sounded dismal to the point of parody, and the queues were massive, making the £12 ($15.64 USD) tickets or £20 ($26.06 USD) for an unlimited pass wristband even more galling. I’m reminded of the cheap travelling fairgrounds, their rides invariably painted with airbrushed Disney and 80’s action movie characters, but far worse. At least those fairs aren’t tempting the fates (and prowling, hungry lawyers) by by calling it Disney Live.

Photo: Justine Petersen (Facebook)

While I’m no expert, I’d expect this legal threat from a multi-billion-dollar corporate giant might throw a spanner in the works for Exciting Events. Unshaken by the initial negative press, they were mulling over the possibility of the festival returning next year.

We’ll keep you updated on the case as more follows.

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