Epic Games reassures that HRTF audio upgrades are being “actively worked on”

Fortnite hasn’t had the greatest track record when it comes to audio. Epic Games reaffirmed that audio upgrades are still on the way including HRTF support.

Battle Royale games have a difficult time with player audio due to its need to be near-perfect. Other genres can get away with some mishaps, but a one-life mode needs a robust and precise system.

Unfortunately, Epic has not been able to implement a complete fix for the lackluster audio performance in Fortnite. Recently, they hopped on Reddit to reassure fans of incoming audio upgrades.

HRTF Audio Support coming…at some point

Epic Games implemented a decent amount of audio improvements at the end of Season 8 and beginning of Season 9, but these have proven to be band-aids.

During the initial audio improvement discussions, Epic made it clear that they are looking for a better audio delivery system. HRTF was mentioned as the primary method that the developers are looking to implement.

The first mention of this was 9 months ago, so some community members are getting understandably anxious.

Its been nearly 9 months since epic mentioned plans to add HRTF audio into the game, what happened to that? from r/FortniteCompetitive

The post from u/ntb899 does a great job of explaining the overall situation and what HRTF could do for the game. Many of the greatest and largest games use HRTF methods to deliver clear directional audio.

In reply to this post, Epic employee “DanDaDaDanDan” gave a brief reassurance of the project’s status.

Epic Dan’s short replies.

Dan confirms that the HRTF features is “actively being worked on” by Epic. As of this time, Epic “don’t have an ETA” for the new audio system.

The only new information from this dialogue so far is that Epic looks to be using Google Resonance for their HRTF solution. You can check out more information about the HRTF method on the Resonance SDK website.

While it’s good news to hear that the project is still being worked on, the long time delays seem to point towards problems with implementation. There’s no knowing where the issues are stemming from, but it certainly means that players will be waiting for a while yet.

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