Epic Games allegedly have yet to pay players from Winter Royale, Summer Skirmish, and more

More claims of Epic’s payout delays have come to light through a middleman. The report asserts that Epic has failed to pay dozens of players for their gameplay.

We’ve seen reports come out in the past about Epic’s failure to pay players for competing in tournaments and providing testing services. More claims along the same lines have been unveiled in a Reddit post by a middleman of sorts.

Before we get into the bulk of the Reddit post, we’d like to caution you against blindly believing everything in the post. While credible reports have come out about similar issues in the past, this latest report has some holes as you will see.

Reddit ‘middleman’ alleges more payout issues

According to a long Reddit post made by u/Returnoftruth, Epic Games has “stiffed” dozens of professional and semi-pro players. These alleged missing payouts date back all the way to the Summer Skirmish.

The user does not claim to be a competitive player himself, but apparently has “lots” of contacts in the competitive community.

“While I myself am not a competitive player, I’m in a few discords with professional Fortnite players and I’ve heard about this issue in ALL of them and not just recently, but for months. At first I didn’t believe it or just thought Epic might be behind on payments, but I could never imagine these players not being paid at some point. Fast-forward a few months and I see a post by Fnatic Motor in my timeline.”

Tweet showing Fnatic Motor’s allegation.

The tweet from Fnatic Motor does raise concerns that the player has not been paid by Epic. In addition, other prominent players like ZexRow, also replied to the tweet with similar issues.

“Prior to this post I knew at least 4 players who had yet to be paid from certain events/customs and I realized this was still an issue. I didn’t expect to scroll down a bit further only to realize that many other HUGE names in the competitive scene had yet to be paid either. Some of these names include Pate1k, Secret Domentos, E11 Bloodx, TSM Zexrow.”

The poster directly accuses Epic’s Loomin and Sund0wn of ignoring players’ questions and demands for pay, but fails to provide concrete evidence of any of this.

“…a plethora of emails and discord messages between these players and Epic Staff (Loomin/Sund0wn included).”

At the beginning of the long, extensive post, Returnoftruth says they will provide “a lot of proof here,” but by the end of the post…only two images of any interactions are shown. No images are provided of the Discord chats/email chains.

The first is the tweet seen above and the second is a cut image of alleged numbers of players paid/unpaid from bygone events ie. Winter Royale, Summer Skirmish, etc.

Paid/Unpaid Players from Epic Games events.

The above image is taken from a phone using the “Telia” company’s network. This means the screenshot was taken by someone from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, or Estonia.

The post continues to the claim that they have seen evidence of pro players being ignored by Epic Games. Again, while the claims could be true, the writer does not prove any of these instances. According to Returnoftruth, this is due to the players not wanting their names to be made public.

“I’ve seen the messages myself and have followed up with professional players regarding this issue as recently as today. We really need a response from Epic Games, Loomin and SunD0wn because I’ve seen many messages where these two in particular have given players the runaround, followed by ignoring them. Any players I’ve listed thus far are not the most severe cases mind you. There are still other big names in the community that I have left out of this purposefully. I likely would not have involved myself if it wasn’t for Motor’s tweet. Hopefully we can get a response from Epic.”

You can view the entirety of the post here on Reddit.

Epic Games replies to the allegations

In order to ensure a good public image and help out any players that are possibly affected by these issues, Epic’s DanDaDaDanDan replied.

The employee first provided the ‘OP’ with a link to the official competitive payments page for Fortnite. This document lists all rules and procedures for when and how Epic will make payouts for players.

He also provides his email, daniel.vogel@epicgames.com, for contacting him directly. He does suggest that it is a possibility that Epic’s customer support team is mismanaged/missed the players’ pleas.

Epic’s preliminary replies to the post.

He also states that any cases that are “escalate(d)” to him will receive a full post-mortem to help ensure this doesn’t happen again. The replies do hint at the possibility that the information in the post’s claims are true.

With that said, Dan did not directly confirm any of the allegations nor did he give out any players’ name. Until ‘Returnoftruth’ can provide concrete evidence of the claims, we can’t be sure of the claims. We’ll keep providing you with additional information and updates as the situation develops.

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