Epic doubles down on 14-day suspension given to Xxif

One of the dominant storylines throughout the World Cup qualifiers has been the suspension and then qualification of Xxif. After he was caught being fed kills in Week 3, Xxif received a 14-day ban. That had him miss one week of solo qualifiers and one week of duos, just 20% of the chances he had to qualify.

In week 8, the inevitable happened and he qualified for the World Cup with his partner, the person who fed him the kills during week 3.

As you can imagine, the Fortnite community was not happy. Not only did he and his teammate take two spots that could have gone to non-cheaters, they also call into question Epic’s stances towards people who cheat.

If you can get off this easy, why wouldn’t more people take the risk? Epic tweeted out a link that included new info on rulings for cheaters among other things.

For a brief moment, it seemed like they may have reversed their decision and changed something.

That didn’t happen. Here’s what they said:

We assess penalties for teaming scenarios based on our penalty matrix. Initial infractions and first time offenses include disqualification and forfeiture of prizes from a given event and a 14-day competitive ban. Repeated infractions or increased severity, such as evident teaming across multiple matches or coordinating against an opponent, results in a more severe penalty.

Epic Games

Then they linked the competitive ruling they made after week 3 and that was that.

It will be interesting to see how CouRage and DrLupo handle the casting for the World Cup when Xxif and Ronaldo are on screen.

Lupo has already started just referring to Xxif as “bot” during the qualifiers so if that is a precursor of what is to come it will be funny to see.

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