Epic confirms “undo purchase” button for Fortnite’s Item Shop

Fortnite: Battle Royale players may soon have a short time window to undo accidental purchases in the game’s Item Shop, an engineer at Epic Games revealed. This would allow players to return cosmetic items without spending one of their Refund Tokens from the current system.

Players would have up to five minutes after their cosmetic item purchase in the Item Shop to receive a full refund for the returned item. Players must also make sure they haven’t started a match in this time window, since doing so will disable the undo button for that purchase.

Epic confirms “undo” button

According to Epic’s VP of engineering, Daniel “DanDaDaDanDan” Vogel, confirmed on Reddit that an “undo” button is planned to ship with update v9.10.

Image via Reddit

There hasn’t been an official announcement on when v9.10 will drop, but we expect the patch to arrive next week around May 14. Fortnite’s refund system will still operate as normal, but this feature is to help prevent accidental purchases.

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