Drum Gun returns to Fortnite after Unvaulting event

After an incredible Unvaulting event in Fortnite today, a controversial weapon has made its return to Fortnite.

The Unvaulting event started off with a bang, as users were taken into the vault in Loot Lake to start pick-axing which items players wanted to see return to Fortnite.

The choices were between the Grappler, Drum Gun, Sword, Plane, and Tac SMG, and in the end, the iconic Drum Gun has won.

The in-game message news feed updated confirming that Drum Gun has been added.

The Drum Gun is now live in Fortnite in regular modes in the game after the conclusion of the Unvaulting event in the game. Users have found green and blue variants of the weapon in matches after the event.

Epic Games originally removed the Drum Gun following many fan requests of it being over-powered and enabled a lot of W-key style players to run into buildings with a powerful weapon.

There’s no indication if Drum Gun is staying the game permanently now with the votes or is here as part of the vote in the event. We’ll keep you updated…

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