Dance on a sundial, giant cup of coffee, and dog’s head – Fortnite challenge guide

This week’s most hidden Fortnite challenge is a little more complicated than the last few. Rather than asking you to find a star or a few different locations, this one requires players to dance at some of the maps strangest sculptures.

While these can be a little tricky, we’ve tracked down every sculpture and can show you exactly where you’ll need to go.


The first thing you’ll have to do is “Dance at the top of a sundial.” This cryptic hint is asking for you to head to the south of the map and land on this hill right here.

Stage 1: Dance on top of a sundial Southwest of Paradise Palms at grid reference G9

Once you head in that direction, you’ll see a hill that looks like this with a sculpture on top.

Fortnite Week 9 challenge location 1

Land on the sculpture and do your favorite dance to complete the first part of the challenge.


Part two sends players to dance on a giant cup of coffee, which just so happens to be at the center of the map just outside of Dusty Divot.

Stage 2: Dance on top of an oversized cup of coffee Dusty Divot diner at grid reference F5

You can land on top of this coffee right here, do a dance and complete part two of this challenge.

Fortnite Week 9 challenge location 2


The final part of the challenge tasks players with dancing on a giant metal dog’s head. This one might be the most confusing of all, but it’s secretly sending you to Junk Junction.

Stage 3: Dance on top of a giant metal dog head Junk Junction at the top of the crane; grid reference B2

Once there, you’ll see a crane that appears to be lifting some trash, at least from one angle. From straight on though, you’ll notice that it’s actually carrying a sculpture of a dog’s head.

Fortnite Week 9 challenge location 3

Dance at this final location, and you’ll finish this Fortnite challenge. For a complete guide on the Week 9 challenges visit this page.

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