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Dance in different forbidden locations

The dancing challenge from Season 3 is back! Find seven no dancing signs and do the forbidden: dance! We went back to our old map and checked, but only two locations still exist in the current Fortnite map. Those two include the one near the metal llama and the hill northwest of Wailing Woods.

Here is a lit of all 12 locations. Remember, you only have to dance in front of seven of them!

  • Junk Junction – At the base of the metal llama.
  • South of Risky Reels on the small hill with the RV.
  • Dusty Divot – Near the zip-line on the northeast edge of the crater.
  • At the race track in the desert along the back wall of the taco shop.
  • North of Wailing Woods at the ice cream truck on the small hill.
  • At the top of Stunt Mountain, north of the soccer stadium.
  • On the very edge of the pointed section of the snow biome, south of Frosty Flights.
  • Southeast of Frost Flights on a small hill with a campfire.
  • Loot Lake – On top of the giant rock on the east side.
  • South of Paradise Palms on top of a mountain with three cacti.
  • Southwest of Dusty Divot near the top of the irregular mountain.
  • Lazy Links – On the dock over the pond.

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