Cloakzy in talks with FaZe Clan to ‘figure out’ his future

Tfue, due to contract issues, sued FaZe Clan and left the team promptly. Now, Cloakzy has revealed some new details about the former FaZe member’s future plans.

The blockbuster story of last week was Tfue’s lawsuit against FaZe Clan over a poorly termed contract. Tfue left the team and has been flirting with creating his own esports organization.

After the initial details of the case came out and a little drama ensued, the story fell quiet. Most of the legal stuff will be taken care of behind closed doors, but new details of Tfue’s plan are coming from his teammate, Cloakzy.

Cloakzy teases Tfue move-in & FaZe talks

On Monday, May 27th, Cloakzy tweeted out that he will streaming (as usual) on Tuesday and that he would have some news to share. Naturally, many correctly assumed that the news would be related to Tfue.

Cloakzy remains a part of FaZe Clan for now, but also still duos with Tfue in the World Cup. It’s a bit of an awkward situation.

Once Cloakzy went live, he revealed that he had gotten tons of messages from (presumably) FaZe Clan staff saying that he should not talk about this stuff on air. Cloakzy did let slip that Tfue will be moving in with him in the near future. Unfortunately, we do not have a clip of the moment.

However, Cloakzy did ‘read from a script’ that he (Cloakzy) is in talks with FaZe Clan to figure out his future. No details apart from this cryptic statement, but we can speculate what he means a bit.

More than likely, Cloakzy wants to continue his partnership with Tfue for as long as possible.

With that said, FaZe Clan will likely pressure him to keep his distance at some point (perhaps after the World Cup). Depending on Cloakzy’s contract, FaZe Clan could force him to stop teaming with Tfue.

If Cloakzy gets good terms and perhaps a better contract (current contract terms are unknown), he could keep teaming with Tfue and remain with FaZe Clan.

We will update you on this story as more comes out. FaZe Clan is wanting to keep a tight lid on things for now.

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