Build bug is still in Fortnite and Tfue isn’t happy about it

Fortnite has a lot of bugs, but some are certainly more annoying than others. Tfue sounded off on one editing glitch that may fool unsuspecting players.Ever since the start of Fortnite Season 8, it seems there are now more bugs plaguing the game than ever.

Each patch seems to iron out some old bugs while introducing some more, while there are some bugs that have remained in the game for quite some time now. One of these bugs includes presenting a prompt to edit your opponent’s structure – but not actually having the ability to do so.

Famous Fortnite streamer Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney recently came across this bug during one of his streams, and while it wasn’t the direct cause of his death, he did complain about the bug after he died.

Tfue running into this bug can be seen at the very start of the above video; in the middle of a fight, he sees the prompt come up that says he can edit his enemy’s build, just like it were his own.

“Oh my god, dude, this fucking editing shit is so annoying bro,” he said. “Like, I know it’s not mine but this shit’s still coming up.”

The video zooms in on where you can see the editing prompt show up.

Tfue is one of the largest Fortnite Twitch streamers.

With the current Fortnite meta being what it is, players can quickly become frustrated with enemy walls having an edit prompt, considering there are going to be a lot of walls, ramps and floors all over the place.

There are numerous bugs plaguing Fortnite, and players can take a look at the list of the top bugs here. Epic Games encourages players to share their bugs by reporting them to the Trello board, where they’ll then be targeted for fixes.

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