British politicians confused as Epic executive appears to suggest Fortnite does not make money

A Commons Committee was left confused when an Epic Games executive member had some interesting answers regarding Fortnite, player revenue, and data regulations.

Fortnite Battle Royale has been a topic of debate around the UK since Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, claimed that the game should be banned.

Epic Games and EA Games were in attendance as witnesses for the Commons Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport committee as they look into “immersive and addictive technologies,” according to The Guardian.

When the companies were asked about the Prince’s comments, they denied answering and admitted they did not collect the proper data that was needed by the committee.

Epic Games’ general counsel, Canon Pence, said, “It’s always been our [Epic] effort and intent to create a fun, fair, flexible, engaging, and generous form of interactive entertainment.”

When he was approached about the Duke of Sussex’ opinions on Fortnite, he replied with, “A statement that suggests it’s some sort of nefarious attempt to extract short-term profit is a mischaracterization.”

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Later within the meeting, Pence also said that “I don’t think it’s accurate to define Epic as making money from people playing the game [Fortnite].“ The Guardian also claims that Epic did not collect users’ date of birth, which is against data regulations.

When asked why Epic doesn’t think it is needed to follow the regulations, Epic’s general counsel replied with “We don’t.” Pence denied ever giving that statement, with a committee member prompting him to relisten to the recording.

It should be interesting to see if the committee comes back with any results, especially considering that the World Health Organization officially recognized gaming disorder as a mental illness.

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