Best Mouse Pad for Fortnite – Competitive Gaming Mouse Mats 2019

You didn’t think to have the best gaming mouse pad made any difference? Think twice, it makes a huge difference, especially if you are using a low sensitivity on your gaming mouse.

You want to have plenty of space available to do fast passed, impulsive movements and in Fortnite Battle Royale even more so. Having a one on one fight where both builds walls, ramps, and platforms everywhere, you will thank your self later for having mouse pad space generously.

Also the fabric, material, and quality of your mouse pad will help you do precise and even movements, every time. That will help you build a reliable muscle memory. If you are going to invest in gaming gear do not forget the base, you don’t build a house without solid ground. Even the tiniest upgrades can have a significant boost to your in-game performance.

If you are into competitive gaming, you have to have a reliable and stable mouse pad. A mat which fabric is optimized for fast movements, all while maintaining control and accuracy. A thick rubber button will not only provide a non-slip surface but also giving some padding for your hand. Ideal for long gaming sessions, and with a big mouse pad you can have it reach all the way to the edge of your table, protecting your hand wrist from the sharp corner.

SteelSeries QcK Heavy
13 x 11 inches
3 oz
Cloth Surface + Rubber Base
Glorious 3XL
48 x 24 inches
7 oz
Cloth Surface + Rubber Base
HyperX Fury S Pro
14 x 10 inches
2 oz
Cloth Surface + Rubber Base
Logitech G640
15 x 18 inches
12 oz
Cloth Surface + Rubber Base
Razer Goliathus
11 x 36 inches
13 oz
Cloth Surface + Rubber Base

SteelSeries QcK Heavy

QcK is a veteran when it comes to mouse pads, used by countless pros all the way from Counter-Strike to the most recent games there is. SteelSeries really nailed it on this competitive and straightforward mouse pad, that is hard to improve due to its simpleness. It comes in a few different sizes which can be handy while you consider how much space you can give up on your desk.

The XXL version even coves your keyboard & gaming headset, which might sound strange at first glance. But it will truly help you protect your desk and give somewhat support for your wrists. However, if you have limited space it might not be the greatest idea.

SteelSeries QcK Heavy Gaming Mouse Pad

The mouse pad is made of a smooth cloth surface with micro stitching, makes your mouse move unhindered on the surface. Underneath it has a rubber base which prevents it from sliding around from fast movements. The thickness of the mouse pad is what makes it extra good for gamers, it decreases problems from uneven surfaces and gives a nice padding for your hand and arm. The price is very reasonable and one of the cheapest, and most bought mouse pad on the market.

One downside is that sides can eventually fray, it might not affect the user but will look sleazy. However, this can happen after very long and intense use and it’s probably best to just buy a new mouse pad by then.

Very affordable
Printed logo in one of the corners
Amazing surface texture for control
Thick with a rubber base

Glorious 3XL

This is big and wide mouse pad, hence the 3XL in the name. Made for the true competitive gamer who wants a lot of space to easily move on.

It as well has a non-slip rubber base which is pretty standard when it comes to gaming equipment in general. With a slightly higher price you will get an anti-fraying stitched frame around the mouse pad, exceedingly increases the lifespan and aesthetics of the mousepad.

Its advertised as machine washable, but we would recommend it to do it at your own risk. There is plenty of easier ways to clean your mouse pad than throwing it in the washing machine, and if it thats dirty you presumably have to replace soon anyway.

Glorious 3XL Extended Gaming Mouse Mat

Other than that, there is not much to say, a simple and steady mouse pad that will last a long time. The stitched edges really give it extra points for eliminating the most common issue with mouse pads.

Very large surface area
The size might not fit all desks
Stitched edges

HyperX Fury S Pro

This mouse pad from HyperX, who made the best headset in our latest guide, has a densely woven surface that increase a precise optical tracking of your mouse. It as well has anti-fray stitched edges like the product above.

It offers four sizes, small, medium, large and x-large. That should probably suit for most game styles. If you specifically want a mouse pad that covers most of your desk, go for the x-large one.

HyperX Fury S Pro Gaming Mouse Pad

In short; a great heavy duty fabric that will last for a long time has a smooth textured surface.

4 different sizes
Printed logo in one of the corners
Very accurate
Stitched edges

Logitech G640

This mouse pad that is slightly more expensive has some unique features. Logitech has instead of only focusing on the fast movements, they have instead developed a moderate surface friction surface. Which gives you the perfect amount of resistance to your gaming mouse when starting or stopping in fast or sudden movements. Designed with low DPI in mind, which are very common in competitive gaming.

Rubber base the prevents it from sliding around and bunching up. It does not have any anti-fray around the edges, which might be a problem further down the road.

Logitech G640 Gaming Mouse Pad

It has really soft material that will increase your comfort as the wrist travels back and forth over the mouse pad. We would recommend this for especially FPS games because of its design in both fast passed and sudden stop movements. Which both are equally apparent in these type of games.

Logitech’s own technology
Rather expensive
Very large

Razer Goliathus

This mouse mat comes with graphics printed on the surface, which might be something for the one who wants the coolest looking gaming rig. Razer has been doing mouse pads for a long time and has some real dedication to their products. This product comes in two different performance, speed or control. Where the speed version is designed for high-speed movements and control for more precise actions.

Generally, the control mat is better for FPS games as you want to consistent in your movements. However, the speed version could be great if you are playing high paced games or just, in general, prefers fast moves. It comes in four different sizes; small, medium, large, and extended. Where extended is the wide version that covers most of your setup.

Razer Goliathus Gaming Mouse Pad

The rubberized hexagonal patterned bottom grasps the desk well, so it won’t slide around. Once again, no anti-fray around the edges and this mouse pad is a little more expensive so you expect it to have that. Another downfall is that the Razer logo is slightly raised, so you can hit it with your mouse. It’s ever so slightly, but every bump will be noticed by the real competitive gamer so it’s not fair. However, the mouse mat itself is so big, that the outcome you run over the logo is rather small. But still worth considering.

Will cover most off your desk
Raised logo that can interrupt movement

What Should I Look For When Buying A Gaming Mouse Pad?

First, you have to decide what type of play style you use. Are you looking for a mouse pad that provides speed or precise movements? A big help could be what DPI you use on your mouse, as well your in-game sensitivity. Generally, if you have high inputs you want a mouse pad that enhance that, low settings you likely want a product that helps you stay consistent in your moves.

You definitely want to have a rubberized base on your mouse pad, but there is much harder to find one doesn’t have that these days. Nevertheless, its good to know about, and that it doesn’t slip, or move around while being used. Having a thick mouse pad can also increase the stickiness to the desk, as it will add more weight, and also support & comfort for you. The most commonly used mouse pad also has a thin version of the products, if you rather prefer that.

Size selection of mouse pads

You can either get a mouse pad that is rectangular like most mats, or you could go for an extended wide one. Which will cover most of your desk, also called “mouse mat”. The difference for the mouse is not much, however, it will give you extra support for your other hand and it will combine the gaming setup in a nice way. The negative is that it’s not really portable, in a LAN event for example. Furthermore, it will not fit all desks as you might have other things lying around, other than your monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Additionally, a gaming mouse mat will cost you more than a regular mouse pad.

Wrist support

You might be noticed by now there is no mouse pad with wrist support, and you are totally right. It’s not commonly used in the competitive and gaming scene because it would be a disturbing aspect that would affect the precise or larger movements. It would move the consistency of your play style and actions.

However, ergonomics are an important topic and we would still recommend to take it seriously. Even if you want to have the same gear as the competitive players. If you do the long sessions, wrist support can prevent carpal tunnel. Always try to add wrist rest in your gaming schedule, and if really don’t want use support gear. Possibly you could use it all the other time you use the computer, except when you are gaming.


When it comes to cloth gaming mouse mats, which are most used by the professionals there is no big difference while comparing the products from the most recognized brands. You will find the winners in the details and the fabric quality. Like the anti-fray or stitched edges which is a minor, yet a nice bonus while looking at mouse pads.

If you feel we left any mouse pad behind, don’t hesitate to contact us. And if you liked this guide, why don’t give it a share!

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