Best Battle Royale Building Tips

Landing first place in Fortnite Battle Royale is an incredibly satisfying experience. Understanding how and when to build can greatly increase your chances of getting a victory. Here are seven tips to help you maximize your building skills.

1. Build to Defend

Getting shot at? Start with a quick wall, then place a ramp to give yourself a chance to peek over and fight back. Once on the ramp, make sure to build walls around you to cover yourself from surrounding players.

Consider building two sets of ramps to prevent the enemy from immediately predicting your location. Having two sets of ramps also gives you the opportunity to hop over to a ramp if one is shot down.

2. Know Where to Get the Most Material

You can level an entire house to get a ton of materials, but it may not be the best use of your time.

For wood, stick to trees. Additionally, if you see a wooden palette, harvest them as they can grant you a ton of wood in a short amount of time. Players should also note that the giant trees at Moisty Mire can provide over 100 wood.

For brick, try harvesting the stones scattered around the map. They can often give up to 50 materials.

For metal, harvesting cars and trucks is the way to go, but beware, they are extremely noisy.

Always remember to hit the blue dot as you harvest. Hitting the blue dot gives off an audio cue and will let you gather your material faster.

Killing other players and picking up the material they’ve collected is also a great way to farm materials. If you are an aggressive player, make sure you have enough materials for a fight and then just loot the materials from your fallen enemies instead of harvesting.

3. Edit Your Structures

Newer players often overlook the importance of editing structures. Mastering the different forms of editing will save you a ton of time and also give you an extra element to combat. Entering edit mode divides your wall or ramp into several tiles. Selecting a combination of different tiles can create new formations such as doors or ramps that can give you a quick means of escape.

Remember, you can also edit any of the structures built by your teammates.

4. Weaker but Quicker

The three material types vary in more than just health. Wood structures have a max of 200 health while brick is set at 300. Metal trumps them all with a max of 400 health.

During combat, wood is probably the best material to use. Wood builds the fastest, meaning that when it is initially placed down, it will have more base health than the other two materials.

Save your brick and metal for your fort building when you have the time to do so.

5. See Clearly in Edit Mode

Peeking out of your fort is important but it’s not as necessary as you think. Focus on a wall you want to look past and pull out your edit option. Doing this will let you see right through your wall. This little trick can catch opponents off guard as you can edit in a window while looking at your opponent for a surprise snipe.

6. Maximize Your Forts

A basic fort is usually made by constructing four walls around yourself, building a ramp up to the second floor, and then repeating this process. Widening your fort will keep yourself better hidden inside.

At the top of your base, place nine roof structures around the opening to better shield you from incoming snipers and grenades. This also allows more freedom to move around during combat situations.

Make sure to stay unpredictable. Make irregular walls and randomly placed ramps to keep intruders confused. Keeping your fort disorganized could make for some sweet trap locations for your enemies to wander into.

Edit a structure before you place it to make a preset structure. Use it to create arched walls for a support system or rows of windows for better vantage points.

Remember that you are safe up to three stories high. A fall from any higher will result in damage.

7. Trick Your Opponents

Use the confusion of enemies to your advantage. See someone building? Start building your ramp to get to on top of their build but use the same material as your opponent to disguise the noise. They’ll think your building noises will be their materials which can give you the drop on them.

Feeling mischievous? Get on top of an enemy fort and close them in by placing a floor or roof structure at the top. The confusion that ensues can help you get an upper hand as they try to break free.

For traps, place them above doors and around corners where players are likely to run through. Dropping loot underneath a trap is a great way to bait unaware players. During intense building fights, try placing random traps on your walls as players won’t have much time to react during a fight.

8. Use your edits

Editing can make the difference between getting that final shot for the victory royale, below we cover edits for the stairs, wall, roof and floor.

Fortnite Stairs Edits

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Fortnite Wall Edits

Fortnite Floor Edits