An Angry Birds collab may be coming to Fortnite

2019 has been the year of Fortnite collaborations and another one may be in the works. So far in 2019 we have had official partnerships with Avengers and John Wick. Plus some Godzilla art added to the game around the release of that movie, although an official event never took off.

Other partnerships have included Jordan and the NFL. There are absolutely new collaborations coming in the future, and a new storefront in Mega Mall may be providing a big clue.

The new locations of Neo Tilted and Mega Mall have used the new storefronts to make inside jokes about the game, but one store caught the eye of cianmcauley01, one of our readers.

A store just called “Oink” has an art style very close to the pigs from Angry Birds.

The first sign of a new collab?

Here’s the art style of the pigs from Angry Birds as a comparison:

While not a perfect match, they are certainly close.

While it definitely isn’t a perfect match in art styles, a cartoonish round headed pig is a pretty niche choice. If there isn’t a partnership in the works, that’s a pretty random choice for a storefront when most of them are a reference back to the game in some way.

Since Angry Birds came out as a popular mobile game, the world has been turned into a kids movie franchise. The first movie grossed over $350 million worldwide and the sequel comes out this August.

The art styles of Fortnite and Angry Birds match up well although Angry Birds is targeted at a younger audience than the previous movie collaborations. What do you think? Is there something to this theory or is this just a coincidence that nothing will come from?

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