All unreleased Fortnite cosmetics as of v8.20.1

Fortnite patch v8.20.1 has went live with the new Poison Dart Trap. Here you can find all unreleased cosmetics that are present in the files.

Many Fortnite fans are interested in seeing what Epic has up their sleeves, before it is officially released or revealed.

Below you can find a list of all unreleased cosmetics as of the v8.20.1 update. Majority of these cosmetics have not been sitting around in the assets for too long and are likely to release in the coming weeks.


Buccaneer (Rare Outfit)
Sail the salty seas.
Sea Wolf (Rare Outfit)
Howl at the sea.
Prickly Patroller (Uncommon Outfit)
Just a cactus being a cactus.
Unknown (Common Outfit)


Demon Skull (Epic Pickaxe)
Imbued with the remnants of a lost soul.
High Seas (Rare Pickaxe)
Steer through the storm.
Longhorn (Rare Pickaxe)
Corral the competition.
Prickly Axe (Rare Pickaxe)
Handle with caution.
Unknown (Common Pickaxe)

Back Bling

Barrel & Booty (Rare Back Bling)
True bling.
Seaworthy (Rare Back Bling)
Ready to board.


Cuddle Cruiser (Rare Glider)
The turbulence is bearable.
Helium (Uncommon Glider)
Lighter than air.
Plunder (Uncommon Glider)
Set sail to plunder!
Rush (Uncommon Glider)
It’s a rush!
Steadfast (Uncommon Glider)
Targeted (Uncommon Glider)
Always hit your mark.


Fanciful (Rare Emote)
Just a little dance to get the heartrate going.
Jazz Hands (Uncommon Emote)
Get jazzy.
Punched Up (Uncommon Emote)
Show off your form.


Golden Scales (Rare Wrap)
Show your style.
Heat (Rare Wrap)
Show your style.
Unknown (Common Wrap)

Keep in mind these are only cosmetics which are currently present in the Fortnite files following the v8.11 patch. A number of cosmetics have been added to the file only to be removed later on.

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