All Leaked v9.20 Fortnite Item Shop Skins & Emotes / Dances In-Game Footage

Here is the footage of all the leaked Fortnite skins and emotes/dances found in the v9.20 update.

In the v9.20 Fortnite update that took place earlier today, there many skins a few emotes/dances that were added to the files and were leaked by data-miners. There are some data-miners that manage to get these cosmetics in-game so we can see what they really look like before purchasing. Thanks to @ShiinaBR here are the v9.20 skins in-game.

In-Game Footage of the V9.20 Leaked Skins

As previously mentioned, there are many skins that were leaked in the v9.20 update and now you can have a closer look at all of these skins below so you can see which skins you need to save your V-Bucks for!

Airhead (Epic) – Pop into action.

Wonder (Epic) – Inspire wonder.

Asmodeus (Rare) – Stare down your enemies.

Callisto (Rare) – Demons, creeps, and monsters beware.

Shot Caller (Rare) – It’s your move. Take your shot.

Plastic Patroller (Uncommon)  – Toy with the competition.
Toy Trooper (Uncommon) Molded for victory.

Neo Versa (Epic) – Elite chaser for hire.

Breakpoint (Rare) – Disrupt. Distract. Dominate.

In-Game Footage of the V9.20 Leaked Emotes

The featured images for the emotes do not show exactly what the emotes are or what music, if any, the emote comes with. Data-miners manage to get footage of the leaked emotes in-game before release to show what they look like and thanks to @ShiinaBR and @HYPEX, here are the leaked emotes in-game.

Savor the W (Uncommon) – This is what winning looks like.

Signature Shuffle (Epic) – Show off your signature moves.

Here is a video by @HYPEX showing all three emotes together, with Signature Shuffle being the first.

Updated June 9th 2019.

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