Alienware Gaming Monitor Review – AW2518H

This is my main monitor, it’s also used by Fortnite pro players Ninja and Bizzle. Below is my honest review with pros and cons. We have the current pricing on eBay or Amazon for this Alienware AW2518H monitor, I purchased mine from Amazon here.

Lets start with the refresh rate, 240hz – BZZZIIINGGGAAAA – 240 hz is the fastest refresh rate on the market. Are you a 30 fps console peasant? You dont need this. Are you a “cinematic” PC gamer at 60hz? You don’t need this. Are you a E-SPORT PRO or want a setup like a pro? YOU NEED THIS! There are other models hitting the ground out there, Asus, Acer, Benq, most having a freesync/gsync version. Also keep in mind, 240hz is very high and if you are going to reach 240fps on a game, you’re going to need a powerful gpu.

I wouldn’t run this monitor on anything less than a GTX 1080. For the freesync variant, probably a Vega 64, but the jury is still out on AMD gpu’s in my book. You can probably get by with a 1070 but you’re going to have to reduce settings to reach high FPS. Remember, super high crazy FPS like this is primarily going to be suited for E-Sport, shooters, like Fortnite/CSGO.

Alienware gets a lot of hate out there for various reasons, but I don’t think anyone can really dispute the fact that Alienware makes beautifully designed cases and other products. There is no exception here. It’s a work of art, and the lighting on the monitor is Sweet! I love the design.

Gsync. Gysnc is the bomb and my normal disclaimer -> Gsync is only for people with NVIDIA GRAPHICS CARDS! If you have an AMD CARD you want the freesync version of this monitor. Unfortunately, gsync costs a bit more – but that’s across the board on all monitors with the technology.

25 inch. For 550+$$ I honestly expect 27 inches. I suspect it has to be this size at this refresh rate but still. I see a Acer Predator 240hz 27inc for $550 right now online. (i think it’s on sale) I also suspect some E-sport enthusiasts prefer this size of screen, so I put this in the neutral category.

1080p. I cant fault someone for technology or hardware that doesnt even exist yet. To my knowledge no monitor exists (consumer grade) at this refresh rate at higher than 1080p. I suspect that if it did, you would have to be running quad gtx titans in SLI or something to power it.

Conclusion: You buy this monitor for a few reasons, you want the highest frames per second (FPS) on the market and are willing to pay for it, you like Alienware design, and you are probably playing E-sport titles that really take advantage of high refresh rate monitors like this. Outside of that, I cant recommend it to “normal” users at this price range. If you are the designated audience, then I do recommend this monitor but keep in mind you are paying a bit more for the Alienware design, which in my opinion after being up close and personal with it, is worth it.

Check prices on eBay or Amazon .

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