Additional Fortnite Styles for Lynx available now

As of April 10th, Epic Games has added new Styles for the character ‘Lynx.’ These new Styles specifically affect her when she dons her full panther uniform.

Season 7’s Battle Pass came with several amazing and unqiue skins as every Battle Pass. Lynx is one of the most popular and stylish of the pack.

Epic Games’ art team has recently been hard at work to expand the options and variety of older skins. For example, the Elite Agent got her helmet removed and the Astronaut skins all got some upgrades of their own.

These Styles allow players to further customize their collection of skins without needing to purchase new products. Epic already makes more than enough cash on the initial purchase and it’s a nice bit of fanfare to give these away for free.

Additional Lynx Styles in v8.30 update

Any players that obtained Lynx back in Season 7 will unlock additonal Styles when they enter Fortnite for the first time after the v8.30 update.

The Styles are two simple changes in response to community requests for the Lynx skin.

Stage 3 and Stage 4 now feature an option to remove the ponytail from the top of Lynx’s head.

Players have asked for this change as the ponytail features rag-doll physics in-game and can be very distracting in the middle gunfights. The ponytail flips and flops around wildly when the player jumps and quickly maneuvers.

The new Styles simply pluck the ponytail off the top, keeping the rest of the skin’s Stages the same.

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