A TV near Snobby Shores may be hinting at the upcoming John Wick event

Even though Fortnite’s Season 9 has just begun, it seems like there are already changes hinting at future events. A small, often overlooked house north of Snobby Shores is showing a bouncing llama on the TV.

The llama is on top of the classic colored bars TV test pattern that used to be used to indicate an antenna had lost service. A couple of leakers identified this pattern in the data files and maj0ras_wrath took the time to head to the house and actually find the TV.

Something is happening with the TVs from r/FortNiteBR

According to Fortnite leaker Lucas Yoshi, this pattern is only playing on this random TV on the coast.

He also offers a possible explanation which is that this is just a test pattern for Epic to test audio functions. That could absolutely be the case, and that theory is definitely helped by the pattern only appearing in that one isolated house. If the pattern begins spreading to other TVs around the map, that would indicate that this is actually part of a coming event.

Why this might be related to the John Wick event

For long-time Fortnite players they may recognize this pattern. It was also used to signify the incoming meteor event way back in Season 3. The meteor crashed into Dusty Depot, creating Dusty Divot one the first day of Season 4.

It is also possible that this TV is tied into the leaked John Wick event. The Season 3 Battlepass’ Tier 100 skin was The Reaper, which was basically the assassin from the movie franchise.

This same signal came onto TV’s signifying the meteor in Season 3, and the John Wick skin coming out that same season, Epic could be calling back to Season 3 before the upcoming event by bringing back this old TV pattern.

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