A new glitch lets players shoot through the boat in Lazy Lagoon

From time to time Fortnite has had issues with players getting shots off using bugs and glitches, but the Lazy Lagoon glitch is one of the most easily abused glitches ever.

Just today, players also found that they were able to shoot through user-built cones. That glitch works by having a heavily damaged cone and then just shooting through one of the gaps which instead of breaking the cone, connects with a player outside.

At least with that glitch, you can see your opponent and be prepared to build or take a different angle.

With the Lazy Lagoon glitch the player is entirely hidden in the lower deck. They run up the stairs leading to the bow of the boat and turn around. Suddenly they can see the whole upper deck and are able to move their weapon with a lot of range.

This allows for easy headshots as they are entirely invisible to people on the upper deck. Here’s a clip of qtfuzzey showing how the glitch works during a game:

As you can see, that glitch is extremely powerful and also easy to use. Other people in the Reddit comments said they have found a lot of success abusing the glitch.

“I did this and came 1st my first try. I got so lucky,” said Cali_6006. “The circle literally closed around lagoon. I got 17 kills with a good pump. All of them were through the glitch. It needs fixing lmao…”

As with any article like this, we will get people telling us to delete the article as it makes more people aware of the issue. Our reasoning for continuing to report on these glitches is two-fold:

1. More exposure raises it on Epic’s list of things to fix in the game

2. The glitch is already known and we want people to be aware of it so they can avoid Lagoon in the early game or the deck of the ship in the late game.

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